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Interior Painting Failures

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There are many reasons for interior painting failures. Proper preparation and painting technique in proper air and surface temperatures are critical to insure a satisfactory experience.

Mildew: Areas of black, gray, or brown fungus. Warm humid conditions with poor air circulation. Not removing before painting. Excessive damp conditions.

Wrinkling/cracking/flaking: This is usually a drying interference problem. Painting over an insufficiently dry primer and the top finish coat was applied too thick.

Caulk failure: Aged caulk that dries out, opening was too large, wrong type of caulk for the the job or considerable expansion/contraction or prolonged contact with water.

Flashing: This problem, shiny or dull spots, is caused by a lack of primer and surfaces having non-uniform porosity.

Coatoring/splattering: Flow leveling failure, roller marks, using a brush/roller with an incorrect nap length is susually the cause of poor quality.

Picture framing/hat banding: Improper cutting in techniques using a brush.

Sagging: Application technique and improper surface preparation, sandpapering, etc. usually over glossy surfaces.

Poor hiding: Failure to cover existing coat is usually covered by an extreme color change, or in some cases lack of a primer or not applying enough primer in a consistent, uniform coat.

All of the above are some of the problems we encounter in the paint world. Most of these can be eliminated by proper surface preparation, i.e. washing, sanding, priming, and using proper painting techniques.

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