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It Pays to Paint with Premium Paint

After proper preparation of the project and the time and product invested already, it only makes sense to use premium quality paint.

Benjamin Moore paint is the best to use.

The difference that sets the product apart is the quality of the ingredients. The one ingredient in Benjamin Moore paint necessary to set it apart from the competition is the amount of titanium dioxide. An extremely tight and dense material, titanium dioxide is composed of very fine particles that create a tighter paint film that holds together and offers more coverage with less paint.

Premium paint may be more expensive, but it insures a quality job and you actually use less paint.

Premium Paint

Less water and more solids, such as pigments, acrylic resin and additives; that's one of the major differences in determining a high- vs. low-quality paint. Higher-quality paints have more solids, which creates a thicker paint with better coverage.


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