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Parvo's carries a complete line of brushes and tools, and all painting supplies necessary to complete your project.



Parvo's is proud to recommend the AllPro brand of painting supplies and sundries.

AllPro has the highest quality brushes, caulking, roller covers, caulking guns, painter's tape, and sandpaper available. AllPro sundries is the most trusted name in the industry. This is why Parvo's and so many professional contractors are proud to recommend the AllPro brand.

AllPro Products


Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Brushes and Roller Covers

Benjamin Moore professional paintbrushes are custom-blended to provide superior performance specifically with Benjamin Moore paints.

Ben Moore Brushes



Wooster Brushes

The Wooster brush Company is known throughout the industry as the most innovative manufacturer of paint applicators and equipment. Wooster manufactures over 2700 products which include brushes, roller frames and roller covers, buckets, trays, and extension poles. – Manufacturer's Web Site

Zip Strip
Zip Strip

Absolute Coatings featuring Zip-Strip and Zip-Guard

Zip-Strip Premium Paint & Finish Remover is asked for by name more than any other paint and finish remover sold in the U.S. If you were to buy one remover to use on all of your projects, this would be the one. It has a non-flammable, semi-paste formula that works fast on vertical and horizontal surfaces. One application will remove five to six coats of enamel, oil and latex paint, urethane, polyurethane, shellac, lacquer, water-based finish and varnish. Zip-Strip Premium Paint & Finish Remover is suitable for interior as well as exterior applications. It will not raise the grain or discolor the wood. No neutralizing is required. It removes easily with a scraper, putty knife or steel wool.

Zip-Guard will provide outstanding protection for all types of exterior woodwork. Formulated to resist mold and mildew, Zip-Guard is the clear choice for exterior protection of wood. Zip-Guard incorporates the latest Oil•n•H2O® technology, which will provide superior durability, fast dry times and soap & water clean up. Zip-Guard will provide outstanding beauty and durability. Adhesion is excellent - and our varnish is free-flowing and self-leveling and resist peeling, chipping and cracking. Not recommended for decks or siding. All tools can be cleaned up with soap and water.
Water Clean Up; Ultimate Exterior Protection; U.V. Absorbers; Mildew Resistant; VOC Compliant Everywhere.

Manufacturer's Web Site


Smart Strip

Dumond Chemical featuring Smart Strip

Smart Strip is a revolutionary paint remover that is safe for the user, the substrate and the environment. The Smart Strip Paint Removal System is a 100% biodegradable, water-based paint stripper that is extremely effective for removing multiple layers of architectural and industrial coatings from virtually all interior/exterior surfaces - wood, brick, metal, concrete, stone, plaster, fiberglass, etc. Smart Strip does not contain methylene chloride, any caustics, or toxic chemicals. It is odor free and safe for the environment.

Smart Strip paint stripper is exceptional for the safe removal of lead based paint and is excellent for intricate, carved or molded surfaces. It is also outstanding for removing marine paints without damaging the gel coat. Because it is a paste, the Smart Strip paint stripper can easily be applied by brush, roller or conventional airless sprayer. It is formulated to remain constantly wet and effective over extended periods of time and does not require the use of Peel Away® Paint Removing Paper. – Manufacturer's Web Site


DAP Products

D.A.P Products

Since 1865, DAP has marketed reliable, long-lasting products for contractors and do-it-yourselfers. Their caulking, spackling, and glazing compound are the #1 most sought after products. – Manufacturer's Web Site



For over 110 years Norton has provided the innovative abrasive products ans solutions that our customers require. Whether you're sanding a piece of furniture, finishing a turbine blade, or slicing a semicondustor component, if you are using abrasives they have the product and know-how. – Manufacturer's Web Site



Purdy Brushes & Rollers

Purdy produces only the highest quality painting tools. Their meticulously handcrafted brushes and high-quality roller covers have been the choice of professionals for over 75 years. – Manufacturer's Web Site




Trimaco offers the most complete source of of drop cloths, paint sundries, masking papers and painter's pants available in the paint sundries industry with combined experience of wll over 160 years. – Manufacturer's Web Site



Hyde Tools

Hyde is into its second century of service to American industry and the home handyman. The essence of Hyde's success is concentrating on what it knows best; laser cutting, blanking, heat treating, grinding and polishing steel. The standards that Isaac Hyde established in the 1870's still hold true today: Make the best possible product from the most appropriate steel and try every day to improve on yesterday's best. Day after day, in every product, Hyde gives America the edge it needs. – Manufacturer's Web Site




Savogran produces a variety of retail and industrial removers, packaged solvents, cleaners, and patching materials under the Savogran and SCL Sterling labels. The employee owners of Savogran are committed to producing quality products. – Manufacturer's Web Site




Paint pots, pot liners, and tray liners and bucket grids are just a few of Leaktite's quality products. – Manufacturer's Web Site



Minwax (Interior Only)

Parvo's carries a comprehensive line of Minwax Products for wood restoration projects and for new wood applications. Minwax is always working on new ideas, formulating innovative products and looking for better ways to beautify, protect and restore wood. Wood adds warmth to any home. From gleaming hardwood floors to glowing doors and molding, Minwax products help you bring the beauty of wood into your home in a way that complements your lifestyle. Boone Paint trusts Minwax, and so should you!– Manufacturer's Web Site


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